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Lower Loudoun Boy’s Football League 2016 Fundraiser


Lower Loudoun Boy’s Football League 2016 Fundraiser

Participation in our fundraiser is a league requirement and plays a very important role in the financial well being of our program. Each player/cheerleader will be responsible for a mandatory $100.00 fundraiser to be determined by the league unless the parent chooses to opt-out of participating and pay an additional fee of $100.00 prior to Saturday, July 16, 2016. If your child does not fully participate in the fundraisers he/she could be withheld from participation until such time that the financial obligation for the fundraiser is met.

We are proud of the fact that we still offer the lowest registration fee's of any major youth sports league and our fundraiser is a vital part of that strategy.  Without the LLBFL fundraiser, we would have to pass the high cost of goods to run our program to the parents through higher registration fees and we are reluctant to do that. This fundraiser is just a small requirement that will go a long way in insuring that the cost of playing in our program will stay at an affordable price.


Fundraiser Opt-out

Any parent who wishes to opt-out of participating in the fundraiser will be required to pay an additional $100.00 over and above the registration fee. This fee shall be due and payable at registration/tryouts. Choosing to opt-out of fundraising does not dismiss the requirement to work in the snack bar, gate and chains or participate to help as a team parent. You will continue to be scheduled along with other parents on your team/squad.